I work with lawyers, executives, high-potential employees, entrepreneurs, board members, and executive directors of nonprofits who are committed to transforming themselves and the world. Here's what some of my clients have to say.


Marcia facilitated an eye-opening strategy session with me and my business partner this past week. The name of her company is so appropriate because it was truly illuminating. We had blocks and excuses that were preventing us from seeing a clear path forward. We each had ideas and assumptions that we had not vocalized with each other before. One such assumption was how we thought we would approach business continuity. Marcia pushed us to ask tough questions of ourselves which resulted in a major breakthrough forcing us to recalibrate how we do business. We now have actionable steps based on our realigning of priorities. This will position our business to be laser-focused on purely value added activities. We look forward to continuing to work with Marcia to hold us accountable and challenge us to stay true to our vision.  
T. Armand, Founder, Her-Mine, Women's Lifestyle Self Care Subscription Box Service


Marcia is a rare shining light in a complex, fast-moving world. She is a keen listener and great communicator who provides clear guidance and empowers people with the tools and skills necessary for their own unique path to success. I am a better person and professional thanks to her time and talent.

E. Pagano, Attorney, Head of Legal Innovation and Design, UK Legal Engineering and Law Firm


I am thrilled to recommend my friend and coach, Marcia Narine Weldon. A true professional, Marcia brings leadership, deep insight, and a hands-on approach to every conversation.Her legal and training essentials, holistic coaching, creativity, and consciousness, allow clients to eliminate barriers and find our true calling. For anyone feeling stuck or seeking to get to the next level, I can't speak highly enough of Marcia's science-based and research-backed plan of attack. She has enabled me to leap forward with confidence and grace.

D. Kempler, Attorney, Entertainment Industry


Marcia from Illuminating Wisdom provided me with invaluable career coaching during a particularly challenging time. She helped me to strategize how to mitigate conflict and work more efficiently with management. She also encouraged me to use visualization and calming techniques when heading into potentially difficult meetings. The resulting working relationships are healthier and more productive. My stress level has been greatly reduced and I have Marcia to thank for that.

A. Chin, Director of Training for Publicly Traded Company


Camp just ended and I finally made the call we discussed during our first coaching session on how to research and do a tailored pitch to a potential funder and I got a $30,000 donation!  Thank you for pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone. Practicing in front of the mirror really helped and simply being ME. We can now offer one on one tutoring for 150 children!

F. Saintoiry, Nonprofit Executive Director


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