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 More on Potential Assessment and Stress-Management Modalities


I take a holistic view when working with clients. If you're happy at home, you're more likely to be happier at work and vice versa.

You may have never heard of some of these modalities or may have preconceived notions. Perhaps you've never meditated or think you need to sit in a lotus position for an hour with your eyes closed to do it "right." We can show you to bring the stress level down in just minutes, any time and any place. 

Click the links below to learn  more information  about the workplace assessments I use and and my stress management offerings. I only use proven, evidence-based solutions. If you're open to exploring them, you will see major changes in your life.

Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP)

DISC Assessment

Hogan Assessment

Mental Health First Aid

Reiki II

Meditation Facilitator

Holistic Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) Practitioner

Breathwork for Stress Reduction


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