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I’m passionate about your transformation and I want you to do what you love and love what you do so I’m offering these limited time offers for either an assessment used by 75% of Fortune 500 companies or for unlimited 15-minute sessions with me for a year.


Unleash your full potential with our best-selling coaching packages. Our programs combine legal expertise and life coaching to guide you through every facet of your journey. You'll receive personalized strategies, one-on-one sessions, and unwavering support to achieve extraordinary success and fulfillment.

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Unlock Your Inner Potential with CliftonStrengths®


🌟 Discover Your True Calling 

Have you ever felt like you were meant for something greater? Craved to find that one passion that makes you leap out of bed every morning?

Introducing the CliftonStrengths® Assessment: Your gateway to uncovering what you're naturally brilliant at! 

🔑 Why CliftonStrengths®?

  •  Maximize Your Strengths: While others keep pointing out what you lack, we shine a spotlight on what makes you incredible. Harness your unique powers and set the world alight!
  •  Find Joy in What You Do: Get not just a job, but a calling. We guide you towards a career where every day feels like a blessing, not a burden.
  •  Achieve Financial Freedom: Passion pays. Dive deep into what you love, and witness the opportunities that arise when you're at your best. 

📊 Stats Don't Lie!

Did you know? People who zero in on their strengths are:

  •  3X more likely to lead an extraordinary life.🌟 
  •  6X more likely to find profound engagement in their work. 💼 

💡 Don’t Dim Your Light - Illuminate it!

Why wander in the dark, focusing on your flaws? With CliftonStrengths®, embrace your unique essence, create a life of purpose, and stand out in a sea of sameness. 

🚀 Take the Leap Today!

You're one assessment away from a life of passion, prosperity, and unparalleled happiness. Don't let your talents go undiscovered. 

And if you have a team, CliftonStrengths® is even more effective so that you can retain and engage your key talent. 

✨ The Illuminating Wisdom Advantage: While online platforms offer a basic report, choosing us provides a more enriched experience because each assessment is paired with a personal debrief and a tailored development plan to align with your specific challenges and aspirations. 

🔥 Unearth your genius. Pursue your passion. Elevate your life with CliftonStrengths®. 


Because YOU deserve a life and career you're madly in love with. Let Illuminating Wisdom and CliftonStrengths® show you the way.







Clifton Strengths Assessment

1 one-hour Laser  Coaching Session

Development Plan




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DISC + Motivators Assessment

Discover the Platinum Rule of Communication with DISC!


🌟We’ve all heard of the golden rule- treat others the way we want to be treated. But we need the platinum rule. Treat others the way they want to be treated. When we do that, we avoid the communication problems that can lead to lost sales, friction in the workplace, poor performance appraisals, delayed promotions, or even termination of your job or contract. 

🖋️ Every Individual's Signature Style: Your unique blend of styles is invaluable.  

Introducing the DISC assessment: DISC provides a platform to celebrate and harness these inherent strengths for optimal performance.  

Comprehensive Behavioral Framework: DISC isn't just another assessment; it's an empirically-rooted system that gauges the energy you invest across four pivotal realms:

  •    Dominating challenges,
  •    Influencing interpersonal dynamics,
  •    Ensuring environmental steadiness, and
  •    Complying diligently with rules and intricate details.

🕐 Efficient and Enlightening: In a concise 10-15 minutes, DISC crafts a bespoke profile of your professional behavior. The result? A nuanced self-understanding that illuminates your assets, identifies areas of control, and provides invaluable insights into enhancing interpersonal communications.

📣 Enhance Communication Dynamics: DISC not only illuminates your behavioral tendencies but offers others a roadmap on how best to engage with you. Predict potential friction points, adjust communication strategies, and foster deeper professional relationships.

🌟 Why Professionals Trust DISC: At its core, DISC speaks to our most intimate topic - ourselves. 

🧊 The Tip of the Iceberg: Much like an iceberg, DISC probes beneath the surface, tapping into the undercurrents of emotions, needs, and inherent fears that drive behavior.  ✨ The Illuminating Wisdom Advantage: While online platforms offer a basic DISC report, choosing us provides a more enriched experience. Each assessment is paired with a personal debrief and a curated development plan to align with your specific challenges and aspirations.

👥 Team Synergy Realized: Harness the power of DISC to transform team dynamics. It's the perfect solution for organizations aiming to amplify cohesion, communication, and collaboration.

💬 Tailored Solutions Await: If you're considering integrating DISC for your team or organization, please reach out. We're committed to providing customized quotes that cater to your specific needs.

Begin Your Journey to Enhanced Self-Understanding and Team Collaboration.

Embrace the unique insights and strategies that await with DISC. 







DISC + Motivators Assessment

2 one-hour Laser Coaching Sessions

Development Plan




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Or get BOTH the DISC Motivators and CliftonStrengths® Assessments


For the Overachiever

  • DISC + Motivators
  • Clifton Strengths
  • 4 one-hour Laser Coaching Sessions
  • Development Plan

$1500 Flat


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The WILD Card

One Year of Unlimited 15-min Sessions

(no assessments / restrictions apply)

The wildcard is an experiment that some of my business mastermind colleagues are challenging ourselves to do. Crazy? Maybe. But you’ll get the benefits.




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