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I'm Marcia. Welcome to Illuminating Wisdom.

As a Harvard-trained lawyer and award-winning professor, I thought I had all the answers. I was wrong. Although I excelled at school and work, dealing with outside stressors made me and everyone around me miserable.

I want to help you avoid the mistakes that I've made that have delayed my promotions, alienated my employees and peers, and landed me in the hospital multiple times due to my inability to handle the stress of  personal issues while running a small businesses and practicing law at the same time. 

I’ve spent over six figures on personal development and leadership training for myself so that you don't have to.

I don't want anyone else to almost die so they can learn how to live.

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned about neuroscience and neuroplasticity to customize an experience to  accelerate your personal and professional growth.

With my proprietary C.L.E.A.R. Coaching Blueprint™, we'll optimize and retrain your brain so you'll gain:

Clarity on your stressors, strengths, and communication style through validated behavioral  assessments

Leadership skills for every area of your life

Energy like you've never had before

Assertiveness as you move past limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and burnout 

Results that you can revel in and sustain on your own with the tools you've learned  

The best athletes and most powerful CEOs in the world have a coach to illuminate blind spots that they can't see.

If you're ready to go from confused to confident, from stressed out to serene, and from overwhelmed to overjoyed in your personal and professional life, I'm here to help.


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Resources for every stage of your personal and professional journey

1:1 coaching

Do you want personalized attention to accelerate your dreams?

  • Are you a high achiever who looks like you have it all together on the outside but in reality, you're falling apart at work, fed up at home, feeling like a fraud, and barely surviving instead of thriving?
  • Are you a leader who secretly hates managing people, feels like an overwhelmed and unqualified imposter, or is completely burned out?
  • Do you hate meditation but your physical, mental, and emotional health are suffering so you're ready to make a change to save your life and want options you can implement today?
  • Are you a business owner who wants to protect your assets but doesn't have the time, desire, or resources for legal counsel and would rather invest in your business than lawyers?
Let's see if we're a fit. Apply to work with me.

Online courses

  • Want to work at your own pace? Don't have the time or financial resources for 1:1 coaching?
  • You can still invest in yourself and your business through leadership development, personal development, and legal and compliance courses.
Take a course

  • U.S. employment laws
  • change management
  • succession planning
  • making business pitches and speeches
  • employee development
  • strategic planning

Business Consulting

Are you thinking of starting or expanding a business?

Let's talk about:

  • entity selection (LLC, corporation, partnership, benefit corporation)
  • key contracts
  • talent management
  • team building, employee engagement and focus groups
  • hiring, discipline, promotion, performance evaluations, leadership development
  • diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
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Corporate Wellness and Professional Development 

Your team is the lifeblood of your business.
Help them raise their energy levels and productivity while they reduce chronic stress and anxiety. 
Treat your employees to 1-2 hour group or individual workshop on optimizing brain health for work and life; different forms of mindfulness;  emotional freedom technique (EFT/tapping); active breathwork; and other wellness modalities. 

We also offer personal and professional development workshops for teams. 

Schedule a call to discuss your wellness initiatives

Get started with one of my courses

Leveraging L.I.T. Leadership

A L.I.T. leader learns, inspires, and transforms. This course is ideal for the newly promoted leader, entrepreneur, experienced leader who wants to level up, or high-potential employee who wants to prepare for a leadership role.

This course includes three behavioral assessments, online modules, checklists, templates, workbooks, a 60-minute debrief provided you have completed 30% of the course; and a separate 60-minute coaching session upon completion of the all course modules.

You'll learn how to optimize your brain health, communicate more effectively with anyone in any circumstance, excel at trust-based leadership, and strategically use stress to your advantage. You'll dramatically improve your wellbeing and productivity so that you can set right example for your team and other stakeholders.

Learn more here

Spark Your Self-Mastery

This alternative to 1:1 personal coaching is ideal for the person who wants to invest in themselves through a self-paced format.

It includes three behavioral assessments;online modules; a 60-minute debrief on the assessment results  coaching session upon completion of the course  and modules on:

  •  self-awareness & communication

  •  overcoming your limiting beliefs about money, relationships, and career using the latest evidence from neuroscience and neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

  •  time management and prioritization

  •  negotiation techniques for home and work

  •  optimizing your brain health

  • learning to find joy regardless of the circumstance

  •  developing your personal brand 

  • strategies to reduce debilitating stress in minutes while using enhancing stress to your advantage (yes, there is "good" stress!)

Learn more here

From Uninspired Employee to Empowered Entrepreneur

This course is for you if you're working at a job that pays the bills, but you're not working in your zone of genius. If you want to move from your career to your calling, then you need to take a holistic approach. This course includes online modules, checklists, templates, workbooks, and 1:1 coaching.

  • Learn how to brand yourself and your business to your ideal client and your target audience

  • Develop and practice your pitch to clients and investors

  • Understand the legal basics to protect your business and your personal assets

In twelve weeks or less, you'll:

  • Map out your goals, energizers, and stressors

  • Determine root causes of blockages and limiting beliefs that have prevented progress and use neuroscience-based modalities such as neurolinguistic programming to embody the mindset of an entrepreneur

  • Use validated psychometric workplace and personality assessments focusing on communication styles, strengths, and relevant core competencies for your business venture

  • Tailor a personal and professional development plan based on results of assessments, any performance evaluations/client feedback and establish achievable and specific milestones

  • Integrate different stress management techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and emotional freedom technique (tapping) to ensure that you have the strength and resilience to withstand the rigors of starting or growing your business

Learn more here

Legally Lucid Blueprint

When I work with business owners on a legal matter, it's typically because they never spoke to a lawyer BEFORE the lawsuit or call from a regulator. Being proactive is good business, but I know that legal expenses aren't what entrepreneurs want to invest in (although the courses could be a deductible business expense). 

I would never say you don't need a lawyer. However, you can save yourself time and money by learning the basics so you can speak to your lawyer intelligently and help prevent a costly lawsuit or government audit. 

Legally Lucid Blueprint™ Courses will empower you to do the right thing the first time, and not after litigation. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a course or hundreds of thousands in legal fees.

If you're a business owner and want to learn:

  • business basics,
  • key contracts terms and negotiation strategies,
  • how to protect your intellectual property,
  • workplace law essentials,
  • nonprofit compliance, or
  • the data privacy and cybersecurity essentials you need to protect your business

If you want to invest your hard earned profits back into your business instead of lawsuits, then this is a no-brainer.

Learn more here

Here's what clients have to say:

Marcia is a rare shining light in a complex, fast-moving world. She is a keen listener and great communicator who provides clear guidance and empowers people with the tools and skills necessary for their own unique path to success. I am a better person and professional thanks to her time and talent.

E. Pagano, Attorney, Head of Legal Innovation and Design, UK Legal Engineering and Law Firm

Camp just ended and I finally made the call we discussed during our first coaching session on how to research and do a tailored pitch to a potential funder and I got a $30,000 donation! Thank you for pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone. Practicing in front of the mirror really helped and simply being ME. We can now offer one on one tutoring for 150 children!

F. Saintoiry, Nonprofit Executive Director

I am thrilled to recommend my friend and coach, Marcia Narine Weldon. A true professional, Marcia brings leadership, deep insight, and a hands-on approach to every conversation.Her legal and training essentials, holistic coaching, creativity, and consciousness, allow clients to eliminate barriers and find our true calling. For anyone feeling stuck or seeking to get to the next level, I can't speak highly enough of Marcia's science-based and research-backed plan of attack. She has enabled me to leap forward with confidence and grace.

D. Kempler, Attorney, Entertainment Industry

Marcia facilitated an eye-opening strategy session with me and my business partner this past week. The name of her company is so appropriate because it was truly illuminating. We had blocks and excuses that were preventing us from seeing a clear path forward. We each had ideas and assumptions that we had not vocalized with each other before. One such assumption was how we thought we would approach business continuity. Marcia pushed us to ask tough questions of ourselves which resulted in a major breakthrough forcing us to recalibrate how we do business. We now have actionable steps based on our realigning of priorities. This will position our business to be laser-focused on purely value added activities. We look forward to continuing to work with Marcia to hold us accountable and challenge us to stay true to our vision.

T. Armand, Founder, Her-Mine, Women's Lifestyle Self Care Subscription Box Service

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