Hi, I'm Marcia Narine Weldon, Founder of Illuminating Wisdom, LLC

Who am I?


I've practiced law for over thirty years, consulting on human capital, legal, compliance, and strategic issues for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes, and coached employees, executives, entrepreneurs, and board members for over twenty years.


I'm a 2X best-selling author, have spoken on stages in front of thousands around the world, and have the honor of interviewing fascinating coaches, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, and (interesting) lawyers on my podcast. Whether we work together or not, please make sure to subscribe to the podcast where I talk about life, the future of work, and the law. 


I’m also an award-winning professor (so I guarantee engaging trainings), general counsel of a start-up (so I understand the pain points of lawyers and entrepreneurs), business consultant, and blogger on corporate law and sustainability.


In a former life, I’ve served as:

  • the Deputy General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Human Resources executive of a Fortune 500 company;

  • an attorney for large law firms;

  • a member of a federal government task force on whistleblowers;

  • an ethics commissioner for local government;

  • a board member for various nonprofits; and

  • a business owner in the beauty industry.


Juggling roles, feeling burned out, and stressed beyond measure?


I've been there.


Balancing myriad responsibilities might feel daunting, but I've mastered the art and science of learning and behavioral change, having championed this transformation personally and for a multitude of clients.


What makes me unique?


I call myself a lawyer lightworker.


As a lawyer, I help clients win.


As a lightworker, it's my personal mission to bring light to darkness whether that's in your personal life or your business.


Don't worry, I won't make you buy crystals and sage or meditate, but if you want to explore that, I'm here for you.


Rest assured, the methods I employ are rooted in solid science, while keeping an open heart for those curious about holistic avenues. 


What's my why?


I've loved every job that I ever had.




But I ended up in the hospital six times in six years with what doctors thought could be heart attacks or strokes because I didn't know how to harness the power of stress in my personal and professional life. 


I was always a high potential employee and a leader but my communication and leadership style derailed me until I learned the strategies that I now teach clients. 


With no room for theoretical fluff, my offerings are deeply practical. My mission is to:

  • help you avoid the mistakes that I've made that have delayed my promotions, made my employees and peers miserable, and landed me in the hospital multiple times due to my inability to manage my stress,

  • empower you to not just do what you love, but to find love in all you do, whatever your role might be and get you further faster, and

  • revamp work cultures

The changes that I've made have literally saved my life and have transformed my clients' lives.


Now, as a licensed Dr. Amen Brain Trainer, I use evidence-based techniques in coaching. I'm also trained or certified in: 

  • applied neuroscience,

  • mindfulness facilitation,

  • emotional freedom technique (tapping),

  • hypnotherapy,

  • breathwork,

  • reiki,

  • the Happy For No Reason method,

  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming), 

  • neuroencoding, and

  • other healing modalities


I'm a proud member of the Forbes Coaches Council, the International Coaching Federation, and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and am mental health first aid certified.


I also administer the DISC, CliftonStrengths, and Hogan assessment instruments so that you can understand and leverage your communication style, personal motivators, unique talents, and leadership capabilities. I develop tailored programs for companies of all sizes to help you uplevel your mindset, skillset, and lives. 


In your journey to transformation, let my experiences be your guiding light.

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